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Foreign languages

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Never thought about this, but I know it would be very rare here to meet a man that does not speak both English and Dutch at least (in addition to German and some terrible French or Spanish haha). But if I were from the states, I doubt I'd base my partner choice on this one

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The extent of my fiance's french is 'Bonjour, Merci, Au Revoir'...oh, and he learned, 'Je suis desolée' from myself...but I'm an A Level student and can also speak pretty fluent German. And the odd Italian phrase. Do I love him any less? Hell no, it makes him more adorable.

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Arwe you from US? I really think that knowing another language is not imperative for you guys!


Besides Croatian I know English and I have passive knowledge of Italian and German - but I live in Europe! If you live in Europe and you don't know English that's BAD.

Internet is mostly on English, computer programs... so that would definitelly be a problem.


Thare are many other things that say a lot about the person. If this is his only flaw i think you're overreacting - espacially because English is the international language and he knows it!

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I know a girl who simply will not marry a man who doesn't speak her native language (South African)


Some girls like a guy who can speak in other languages.


I speak a little French and I started telling my girlfriend that I love her and she's beautiful in French and she laughed at me. It was funny but *shrugs* I guess it's not her thing

Although she can speak Hebrew, but that's not exactly the sexiest language out there.

Oh, and I used to sign things to her with "Ti amo ab imo pectore" which is Latin for "I love you from the bottom of my chest" or heart.

She liked that one. ^_^

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No, I am from Holland. Like in most European countries you won't survive your career if you don't have good skills in at least English. Being from Holland, German is practical since they are neighbours and German is also spoken in Swiss and Austria, knowledge of Spanish is practical because it's spoken in many other countries outside of Spain.



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Ah now I see lol. I have always been curious as to where you are from, syrix


But about the topic, I think for a lot of people in English speaking countries there is simply a lack of NEED for another language, so I doubt one would judge a person on that aspect. However, my friend is engaged to a Canadian man and since we are so used to learning other languages, we both still don't understand why he is so reluctant in learning Dutch for her. But it's what I say, we learn English from the age of 10 or even earlier, German, French and Spanish from 12 until you decide to drop them and English and at least one other foreign language are obligatory for graduating hs.



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I would not really care (ex I speak 4 languages fluently, my boyfriend only one). However, I was brought up in a different country (not the US), and half of my family is from that country, so I would insist that my husband speak this language before we had children, since I want us to be able to speak it together. That is pretty important to me.

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