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some time in april or may i was running down my tile stairs after jumping out of the shower to answer the door. i slipped and fell but i landed on the corner of one of the stairs- which, being tile, was really sharp. i hit the corner full force with the back of my pelvic bone, and was left with a HUGE black, yellow, purple, and red bruise along with a pocket of what i'm assuming was blood. the bruise is mainly gone, however the pocket is still there. the size is just about the same since 2 days after it happened and there is still very slight bruising around it. it is also still tender. i haven't been to the doctor b/c i'm uninsured and it can be very expensive. however, i recently heard that it could be a blood clot and it can eventually break down and travel throughout my body and cause very severe problems.


my questions are: is this true? what is the treatment for this sort of thing? has this happened to anyone? what did they do to treat it? any info is greatly appreciated.

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