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this is my story please read

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I like this guy.He seems to like me.I noticed him talking to this man the other day. They were talking for ages. i was around but i just kept doing what i was doing. Then the next day he walked passed me and said how are you going? We have never spoken. Does this sound like he was just being polite or is it possible that his friend had been talking about me.

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How are you going? Where are you going? I hate to make assumptions, but I am going to assume that is meant to be 'How are you doing?". If so, that is a very universal statement. I could say that to people I like and don't like. Of course there would be no reason to not continue with the conversation. How would you think his friend was talking about you? I don't see such signs. He may like you, its too early to tell.

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your second sentence said something about a man. a man in this line is being directly compared to a guy, am i not? so i am going to assume that this man is much older and from the way you're emphasing, he's attractive. i say this because you gave light to a sense that you are caring. but moving on, if all that guy ever said was, how are you going?, then that means he doesnt want to start something. any other guy wouldve said that and hung around.

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