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Ok... even my boyfriend is getting worried about me.


I am a very pleasant person (if I do say so myself) and I don't have conflicts with people and my relationship with my boyfriend is very healthy BUT I get the WORST road rage.


Everytime I get into my car, I always find myself yelling and screaming at someone on the road. EVERYTIME. Even over little things... And the worst thing is, I actually feel genuinely furious.


Why???? The other day I'm driving with my man and some car p*sses me off because of the speed (or lack there of) they were driving at. And after ranting and swearing, I finally stop. I turn to BF and he is just looking at me with this horrified look in his eyes... like he is genuinely scared.


Whats wrong with me???

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Nothing is wrong with you. I am the same way. Im a really polite and well mannered guy I guess, but some people just dont know how to drive, which ticks me off.

Lack of speed like you said, and also non-signalers that swerve in front of you sets me off. Of course I dont curse or go crazy in the car, because I feel that im just shouting and the person wouldnt even hear me. Just a few honks make me feel better.

Im guessing you like to speed, I do it sometimes, be careful!

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I think it's okay to vent verbally in the car, but you might want to think twice about doing it when your bf is in the car.


It's okay to express your anger/frustration the way that you're doing, but it sounds like doing so with him in the car is making him uncomfortable. A lot of people aren't comfortable with thier own anger expression for a variety of reasons, and might not fully understand that what you are doing is healthy.

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Being upset in your car is one thing but if you actually act on it mandatory kail sentences in many areas cure it.


Learn to laugh at them rather than yelling and getting upset. I usually comment;


"wow, I always wanted to meet the person who owned this road"


"Is the green light not the color you wanted?"



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I used to be like you! I used to live in Sydney too & would get so angry and yell, beep, swear, everything! Even though I was very quiet and nice throughout the day. Then I heard on the radio one day that road rage is actually caused from bottling up your anger and not releasing it in a healthy way. So you take it all out on the bad drivers. It was so true for me & I stopped doing it immediately after hearing that.

I still do it sometime (cuz I live in Perth now & the traffic is soo slow and annoying compaired to the crazy Sydney drivers ) But only if they are really bad, although I usually stop and think -well I did a stupid thing by accident the other day too.

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I spose that's true because in my job, I'm not allowed to be angry as I'm dealing with clients all day and I have to keep them happy.


I guess this also goes for my relationship... I don't like fighting and I avoid it at all costs. My boyfriend and I live together and our environment is full of love and happiness. We hardly get angry.

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THis may sound silly, but keep a few dollar bills in your car. If you get to your destination without yelling, grab one of those dollars and spend it. Keep doing it.


It is probably just a habit of yours to yell at bad drivers.


Positive re-enforcement. Works for some people.

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