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how to make a girl ur dating to be ur gf


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ok heres the deal i met this girl off the net, we went out like 4x's - 2 x's coffee, 1 timeice skating-should have held her hand but chickened out, coffee again and then mall shoppin around one time .

i like her ,but not totally sure if she likes me . i want her to be my gf, but as a inexperience total rookie in hi smid 20's i don't now what to do.

do u ask em "do u want to be my gf", i like u , do u see as ur bf" i heard that u don;t ask. what do u guys think


how do u make her become ur gf, i heard u just go make a move , like holding her hands, if she does not resist shes urs, a kiss and if she kisses back shes urs.


how do u make a girl u dating like 4 x's, chat on msn sometimes, u gf or potential gf , dating , do u ask, or do u jsut make the move and see from the action -they kiss back or resist. do u ask her to be exclusive or what.

i thinkin of a movie night at her place some time, she said yes but nto sure when


lets say u guys go out, of course u do the askin"hey lets go get coffee at noon otday", and she says yes and we go out -its pretty much a sign of interest right-since she is goin out with me-one on one. but how u can;t assume its a relationship and not jsut 2 ppl hanging out.

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I do not agree - particularly if it gets to a point where sex is involved of course you need to know whether there is exclusivity if you do not want to be sleeping with everyone else he is sleeping with. If the two of you click there is nothing that awkward in "I want us to be exclusive" and it will show directness and honesty. I have heard from many women (not as many men) who are confused as to their status because nothing has been said about exclusivity. I dated someone regularly for three months - saw each other 2 to 3 times a week but we were not exclusive. He hadn't asked me and his profile was still active. It would have been foolish of me to assume exclusivity just based on his every day calls and three times a week invitations for dates.


I say - if you feel too awkward to ask the question then you probably are not ready to be exclusive.

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