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does she really love me or is she just a flirt?


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i recently found out that this girl whom i have three classes with at school has liked me all along. the problem is i thought she was way too hot for me, so i didn't approach her due to my insecure nature.

we had an intimate conversation together one night, and she looked very interested in me. she called me "sweetheart", "sexy" etc


so i asked her out and she said yes, except that we didn't really set up the place, time or even the activity


i called her the next day to see how she was doing, coz she was supposed to come see me play tennis in action (she was the one who asked me that), but she was really sick


she said she would give me a call when she gets better, but that was already 5 days ago, and i dont wanna call her coz i'm gonna give her an impression that i'm desperate over her. i wanna be the captain of my ship and i wanna be in charge.


so i'm wondering, should i wait or give her a second call?

how would you analyze the situation?

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I knew a girl who was incredibly rich, so she intimidated me that way. She kept calling me "sexy" and whatnot. Turns out she liked me.


Don't be intimidated by hot women. Women look at personality more than looks, believe it or not. As long as you take care of your body and appearance and have no inhuman defects (anything in the Guinness Book of Records, for example) then your personality will make or break you. Be happy (or at least look happy), dress nicely, be clean, and walk with good posture.


However, don't call her again. You're absolutely right in not calling her. Girls need space, especially hot ones--they are pursued all the time. It's a big mental game, so just concentrate on something/someone else while she recovers.

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