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WHo is telling the truth????

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My boyfriend had a fotolog many time ago, but now he only updates it from time to time with pictures of me and him together.


The thing is that now he had received a comment in his fotolog that I DIDn't like:


You know..I love you as you are. Everything good and bad in you. For me, you are perfect...You always were. I may not have you now but I still love you...always will


I thought I know who she is because the way that she was writting...

It's a person me and him, both, know in person.



Well I did a bad thing, I know I shouldn't but I did and now I FEEL WORSE!


I entered his msn with his password and actually talked to HER.


She told me they have been together and that he is a liar!


I told him and he says she is lying.


But I don't believe him!


Why would she lie if she actually thought it was him taling to her??




I wanted to confront them so

We had a msn conversation - the 3 people involved here.


He says he's over with me because I don't trust him and keeps denying.

BUT she says that she has proof and that she is going to show me his messages in her mobile phone, Saturday's afternoon.


He called me and told me that if I am wrong, he isn't going to forgive me.


But I KNOW I AM RIGHT; , I am so nervous...




Well in this moment I hate him.


We had agreed in the msn, that me, the girl and him would meet in person and that the girl would show me his messages.


He says that is going , and that he is going to proove that I am wrong.

She says that is going, and that she is going to show the messages.


I don't understand. One of them is lying,


Why are they so sure about going on in Saturday????

If one of them is going to be discovered!!!!

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Ok, he said he was done with you because you're accusing him of something he claims he is not guilty of doing. His ex supposedly has evidence of a phone message which would indicate the two of them have been together.


For now, I'd step back from this situation. You don't trust him because why? Is it because you're insecure or because you have reason to believe he cheated?


How is the 3 of you meeting up going to be productive? I would never do something like this. If you don't trust him or can't, then be done with him. Even if you find that she doesn't have that phone message from him, you won't fully trust him.

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make sure the messages she shows you are actually from HIM... and not from some number she named with his name on her list... she could lie because she wants you two to break up, hasn't it occurred to you? go with an open mind... if you really are wrong, he has every right to be pissed off... if you have read or at least will read my first post, you'd know what it's like not to be trusted... if you're right, dump him on the spot and don't even bother to talk to him again.


good luck, hope it all goes for the best

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Well, it does hurt when someone doesn't trust you, yet you're innocent and loyal to them; however, if there's reason behind your mistrust against him, then he needs to realise that this is only logical! And that logic must overcome the hurt of not being trusted by you.


If I were in his position, and I were innocent, I'd be hurt, but then I'd understand your skepticism, because of the comment this girl left me.


However, him saying he'd break it off if you're proven wrong? Sounds odd to me, and doesn't seem like he really loves or likes you much if that's the only reason why he'd break it off.


I don't know your whole situation, but I'd definitely start thinking about not seeing him anymore.


That's just my opinion though. Take it as that.

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About trusting or not trusting him...

I want you guys to think, that, if you were actually in this situation, you wouldn't have not even a little bit of a doubt, ?


Well I have always trusted him but I can't help it now when a girl tells me that she has evidence!!


And I have to go, because I can't live in a doubt...



//I know the girl is crazy about him, it's an ex and in the past, he dumped her and she was always chasing after him...But I can't believe that she actually would know that he was not him at the msn, it is impossible...

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If you're wrong he's going to break it off, and if you're right, what's he going to do?


Yes as blindfold said, make sure the number is correct, AND check the date on the message (it could be from before ye were going out - "I may not have you now")


But really before that, why don't you meet up with him and ask for his explanation? Believe it or not, there are reasons she could be lying (perhaps he insulted her or something). In any case, you should really go to him, and let him say his part before involving her. Make him understand your reasons for being suspicious - it's quite damning evidence, and you have every right to be.


Though maybe he has a right to be pissed off with you - he has no control over what she says to him and you shouldn't have logged in with his user/password.


In any case, sort it out with him. Let him get his side in first.

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Oops...you guys were right...


The girl was lying. She didn't even appear to the meeting! She missed it!


And later, she sent me messages saying that I didn't care enough for my boyfriend and that I didnt deserve him because I don't trust him! (what a b*tch...)


My boyfriend was upset but he said we could try again and that he still wants to be with me.


It's just that I feel so ashamed now.

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its already over. You dont trust him, you have reasons not to. You are just looking for proof of something that you already know.


If you cant trust him, you have nothing.



oops, just ready your last post... ah... yeah... thats a tough one

Tell him you are sorry, and im thinking you should stop snooping on him. And also I would suggest asking him to go nc with the ex... seems to be a troublemaker.

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I don't know what you did to her in the past, but she sounds like a first-rate psycho! So it was all a test by her to prove something to your guy?


You made a mistake - put it behind you and move on. Out of curiosity, though, (and ignore me if I'm being too nosy), did he ever explain the whole story?

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