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Boyfriend love has faded???

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Hi, I'm 17 years old and just got back from my 4 month boyfriends house. After 1 month of going out and NOT doing any sexual activities at all, he said he loved me. Everything was ok, he said he loved me all the time everything was ok until I noticed he never said it anymore.


I asked him today why he didnt, and he wouldn't say. Then he said "i dunno how i feel!!!"


Now he's txtin me saying he still likes me, but he doesnt no if he loves me anymre.


I just want to know if its possible to change your feelings for some-one so easily?


I'm so upset, and i know ive done nothing wrong, because he said i havent. so WHY the hell doesnt he no how e feels....?


It's so uspetting, my mum, dad and friends say leave him. But i like and love him, its just so upsetting knowing hes not sure whether he loves me?


Hes just sent a text saying "i dnt know!! why keep asking???!"


is it possible for someone to not know why they dont love you??


GOD Im depressed....please help


(btw we've still not slept together)


i just dont understand how you can tell some-one you love them. Then later you decide you dont? ive given him enough chance to think, i need to know where i stand as well!


he says he still likes me, but i dunno where to stand now!


how can you go from saying "i love you" to "i like you"


hes not even text me today, and hes not even bothering. Its so hard not to text him!!! but my mums made me promise i wont. and too make him do the chasing. But its just getting too me now.


how would you all feel if your partner did that??? (need opionions please! thanks)

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Awh, hun, he sounds a little confused - it doesn't mean that he doesn't like/love or care for you. Don't worry - my boyfriend did the same thing. The best thing to do is to give him some space. I bet as soon as you leave him alone for a while (no texting or anything!) he will realise that he misses you and things will be okay. Do things that make you happy in the meantime and try to take your mind off him. Good luck!

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