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Tonight, my boyfriend finished with me. It was a long time coming to be perfectly honest. We weren't communicating, went for days without having a conversation (I tried, he didn't want to talk). So now, it's over.


In a way, its a bit of a relief. It was a long distance relationship so it was hard anyway, so now I can take a step back and get back to normal. Don't get me wrong, I'm upset, very upset because I love this guy lots, he's a great friend as well, but now he's thrown it all away. I'm not gonna waste my time trying to persude him to get back together, I'm not gonna contact him. What I AM gonna do is be happy. These things happy for a reason. Hopefully we can be friends, in the future of course, we both need time to ourselves, to get back to normal.


I'm pretty scared how calm I'm being. I mean, this guy meant the world to me, now i've lost him, probably forever, and I'm ok. Perhaps I just knew he wasn't "The One".


Another reason is, since me and my now ex boyfriend haven't been talking to each other much, I've started talking to this other guy a lot. Being honest, I don't know him in real life. I know him online. He lives near me though. We talk a lot, text a lot and he leaves cute little voicemail messages on my phone. He makes me smile. We were gonna meet up, but i felt like i would be cheating, but now I can cos im single. The only worry is, what if he's not who he says he is? I don't trust people easily, so I'm very wary in case he's like a 50 year old man or even a woman...or worse, a friend taking the mick!! What do people think? Is it too soon to date again?


People out there going through a break up, just be happy, be strong, you'll be OK

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Hi xblondyx, my advice to you if youre going to "meet" your online friend, is to meet at "lunch" or "lunchbreak"....say between 12:00 and 1:00...this puts a time limit on your meeting..


You make it at a coffee shop and if things don't turn out, you'll have spend only an hour with him..


quote===="I'm pretty scared how calm I'm being. I mean, this guy meant the world to me, now i've lost him, probably forever, and I'm ok. Perhaps I just knew he wasn't "The One".


I see no problem with you dating..have fun you're young...and good luck with your online guy..


You said

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Just walk away. Make him identify himeself like wearing a red shirt holding a yellow napkin. If you don't like him, don't approach. Say you are going to wear blue and then wear pink. Come up with a codeword like I say bananas and he says apples and give each other a deadline, tell him If I don't show up in the first 20 minutes, I bailed. That is fair I think.

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Hey blondy,


You just got out of a relationship, so move slow with a new guy for your own and his sake. If you want to meet him, do so in a public place and don't lead him on about anything more than a casual date. Take time to heal from the break up first-- it might be that your interest in this online guy is the result from your emotions about your ex.



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