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Where to find a referral when your doctor won't give you one??

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My friend regularly sees a dermatologist but now has a problem that will incur minor surgery. He asked the dermatologist about it and he said he'd give him a surgeon if it continued to be a problem.

But when he called the office, the receptionist told him the doctor didn't know anyone to refer him to!

What should he do now? The problem is causing him pain daily, and he told the nurse that, but the receptionist still refuses to give him any names!

It's going to be costly too if he has to go to several doctors just to get a referral.

My friend has known this doctor for a few years now, so this is very unexpected and kind of shoddy behavior on the doctor's or doctor's receptionist's part.

If all else fails and the doctor still continues to refuse to give him a referral is there some place on the web he could look up the name of a good surgeon and a way to see if the doctor's credentials are good?

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I agree that he should first talk to his doctor directly. I love my doctor, but I can't stand her staff- so if I have any valualbe things to ask, I ask her directly. Many times the receptionist's goal is just to get you off the phone as fast as possible.


Did his doctor at least mention what kind of surgeon he would need? They may seen him for a consult without a referral. He can search independently online or in a phone book for where he lives.




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