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Am I wasting my time?

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Sooo it seems I have a dating question. What else is new?


There's this guy I met via a dating site a little over a year ago, and with whom I've been chatting online for the same amount of time (meaning, I suppose, that we get along on some level above that of the physical.) We live about 50 miles apart so that it was always too much of a hassle for us to meet up comfortably, and we both ended up having several short term relationships with other people while we kept in touch exclusively online.


A couple of months ago we finally managed to meet for dinner and drinks for the first time, and it was purely platonic...some flirting, but nothing physical. We then continued our flirtatious chats online, and I ended up asking him what he ultimately wanted out of me, and he basically said he couldn't see himself in a relationship with someone who lived so out of his way, and if he had a choice he would choose my friendship over meaningless physical gratification. Then, since things are never that simple, we ended up hooking up one night about a week ago (the second time we met in person) and getting pretty physical, though he refused to "go all the way" with me because it was "our first time" (getting physical I presume).


Now, we still talk online and text back and forth, and I am not sure if I should expect anything, or try to steer things in any romantic/physical direction. I'm just confused as to what he expects of me, seeing as he doesn't want a relationship but also won't sleep with me. I do like him though, and I want to make sure I don't do anything stupid. Anyone have any advice?

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