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My g/f cheated on me


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Okay i guess ill just jump in. I have been seeing a girl that i like a lot maybe even love for a year. I found out that she had made out with one of my best friends. I have no clue what to do cause i still care for her a lot and i dont want to end our relationship after a year. I am giving my suposed friend the cold sholder i dont talk to hin at all. If he says something to me i dont even ack nowledge his existence. But the kicker is that he has a girlfriend that he refuses to tell. So i am about to call her and tell her myself. I could use some opinions and suggestions. Thanx.

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well, not talking to him wont help, it would be ashame to break up over something like that {im not supporting what he did in any way though} but crap can happen that we all regret. I know it hurts, but it is not the end of the world you have to know were to draw the line between a girl and a friend. I think that you should acknoledge him but the friendship may well be over, but dont act childish over it you should talk to him {although staying friends or not is up to you} as for your gf, usualy I am a believer in giving one extra chance, but if it happens again it is obvious she would do it over and over and over. I say give her another chance if you want but I would watch out, if it happens agian it may not get out like this one did.

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Your friend knew you were dating this woman, I'm presuming, and still made a move on her......I wouldn't get angry (easy for me to say, right?) I'd simply explain to him that it was a real kick in the ass that someone you trusted could knowingly do such a thing, to you AND her, and that you'd feel better not associating with someone who could treat you with such disregard.


In response to your g/f's actions, I'd say give her another chance. Everyone makes a faux pas like that in their relationship at SOME point, (and if they say they haven't, they're lying) be it in person, or flirting on the Internet, whatever. People aren't perfect, and their actions will show this. BUT, at the same time, she should be expressing remorse over her "slip" and I'd ask her if you're truly the one she wants to be with, if she's having such an easy time not only fooling around, but fooling around with a FRIEND of yours. It's hard to trust quite as much after that, but mistakes DO happen, and I don't believe in being so harsh as to end a relationship over a kiss. (As long as it doesn't happen again!) It's a trust issue....can you trust her, or are you going to doubt her from now on? If you're going to question every time she says she's going out with friends or something, and think she's with another man, then you need to end it now, before it goes any further. If you can accept a mistake gracefully and move on, then by all means, DO SO!

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Well I think that maybe you should talk to your gf about what happened. And if your giving your friend the cold shoulder then why wounldnt you do the same thing to your gf, I mean she did it too and she is just as guilty.


But dont be so quick to blow things out of proporsion, just sit down with her and talk about why she did that, hopefully that will help. Good Luck

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