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Ok... this is freaking me out

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I wear pajama pants and socks to bed every night. What is it odd is that, a few times already, I would wake up in the morning, and they would both be off, and either on the on the floor or at another part of the bed... and I would be completely unaware of the fact that I took them off.


I sleep alone in my own room by the way.


It is weird... it is like my body/mind is doing something during sleep that I am not aware of. Has anyone EVER experienced this? (or something similar?)

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Well, putting things off is not the only thing you do in your sleep, you probably also move around, or even babble (it's usually incomprehensible speech). Not all of you is on stand-by when you are asleep. In fact, some parts of your brain are quite active, so it is no surprise that you move and do things in your sleep.


I take my pajamas off as well in my sleep. Ugh, in a week I will have to spend a week in a hotel with 4 people in a room... for work. Let's hope I will manage to keep them on, luckily it's just galls!



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