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Pulled Muscle or Pinched Nerve - Neck

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My "bf" and I were wrestling yesterday. All the sudden, I felt a bolting pain in my neck. I'm sure it's a pulled muscle or pinched nerve. It feels worse than the neck pain I've experienced from car accidents.


What is the best at home remedies for healing? I have anti inflammatory's so I took one of them. I'm sitting at my desk, attempting to work but the pain is terrible!


Any suggestions for getting through the day?

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This could also be your back, with referred pain. A trained professional would be best to diagnose. However, my advice is:


- Keep moving around, don't lie down for too long unless you are using kenny's rice sock technique.


- Stretch gently, but do not roll your head backward. Take one arm and lift it so the inside of your elbow is near your nose, and grasp the back of your head with that hand. Use your arm to very gently pull down on your head, at a slight tilt toward the lifted arm.


- Go to a chiro or physio anyway if the pain persists. My husband is an actual wrestler and when his neck or back are stuffed the chiro is what he swears by. Personally I am not a chiro believer, and revert only to reasonably strong painkillers (ibuprofen with codeine).

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Is this digitally contagious or what? I just sat down a minute ago and somehow pulled a muscle in my back, near my neck on the right side. OMG I have never had it THIS bad. Every movement hurts, even sitting still hurts. So I am up for the rice sock!!! Thanks for the exercise Caro, and I'thatgirl... I know how you feel!!!

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