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What do I get her for her birthday?

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So I've known a girl for a couple months now. We're not really dating right now, but I can tell she likes me. I asked her on the phone what she wanted for her birthday and she said, "Just you being there is all I need. I don't really care what I get." But I have to get her something. She recently went on a trip with her family and brought me back some gifts, including a necklace, that she made for me. I'm not really sure what to get her though. It's going to be a family party so I can't really take her anywhere then. Any ideas?


She's turning 17 btw..

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Something cute that is not very expecive.

Some of the suggestions:

- A pair of earings - bijoux, not silver or gold,

- cd of a group she likes with a flower or two,

- a book if she likes to read about her favourite band, or about anything she's interested in

- a small gift package from Lush (or similar brand) - they produce hand made and animal friendly soaps, shampoos,massage oils... that look like candy and come in crazy coulours, perfumes, shapes.

- 2 tickets for a concert of a band, or for a play she likes for you two to go together.


basically anything that says how you listened to her while she was talking.

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