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ridiculous post break up fantasies?

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I've been working out a lot lately to keep my mind off the break up. However, to keep me going, I have this fantasy that I need to look good 'cause I'm going to be on America's Next Top Model, and then my ex is gonna see me on TV and be super sorry that he dumped me. Haha. Does anyone else have any ridiculous fantasies to keep them going?

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I never bought a lottery ticket before the breakup... i buy the mega millions when I am not feeling too good... it gives me something to think about to get my mind off of her...

It's nice to dream about these things because they are the most positive of revenge fantasies --> you know they say "living well is the best revenge"

Better than violent or destructive fantasies for your psyche

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I've been working out a lot lately to keep my mind off the break up. However, to keep me going, I have this fantasy that I need to look good 'cause I'm going to be on America's Next Top Model, and then my ex is gonna see me on TV and be super sorry that he dumped me. Haha. Does anyone else have any ridiculous fantasies to keep them going?


Ok, this is really lame, but when I was a teenager and broke up I used to fantasize that I was turned into a vampire, and I would use my vampire charm to drive my ex nuts with desire and then use the charm again to turn all her friends against her. Yeah I know what you are thinking, but I was just a kid.


Now all I fantasize about is winning a lottery hahah.

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Well I've been working out lots and have kept pushing myself to achieve other things to make a point to a certain ex, and don't mind drawing attention to it whenever she messages me online. Just so she knows that I'm doing quite fine without her.


I also do these things for myself but I do sort of think that doing the things I do makes a point to her that it was her loss in the end.


I think it's one of the more positive ways to make a point to someone that breaks your heart!

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Reluctant Rebuilder, I like your reply a lot!


I've been watching a lot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer to take my mind off my breakup, and as a result I've been fantasizing about how nice it would be to be a vampire because then i'd have the perfect excuse to just take off and leave school and all my obligations and just get away from it all.

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You know what's great about these? No one is fantasising that their ex comes back to them! Woot!


At the moment I just keep thinking about a time when I'll be with someone new and better - and that my ex sees us together obviously very happy, and kicks himself. I'm really looking forward to a time when I can again have somene I look at and just can't help smiling. I had a similar thing when my previous ex and I broke up, though that time to help myself forget him I thought of a random name to make it seem more real. Spookily enough my ex had that exact name! I've decided not to try that this time round lol



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I started off fantasizing my business started catching fire... and it did, like a week after we broke up. Then I started fantasizing that the businesses I have been working on seting up finally came to fruition... and they are getting closer every day. She called me a dreamer after having a bad year last year - said none of my things were going to work out --> I expect m fantasies to come true.


I guess at this point my fantasy is a fone call at the end of the year telling her I made 7 figures. May not get there this year, but that is one of main things that helps me get out of bed in the morning.


Petit and shallow? Yes!!


...but hell it would be nice.


Living well is the best revenge.

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Haha, admittedly, I saw an ad for American Idol the other day and started fantasizing about not only being on the show, but getting into the top 12 and singing tons of "better off without you" style breakup songs that my ex would totally know were aimed at her. MASSIVELY immature, admittedly, but it made me feel better for a few minutes. XP

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I fantasize I receive many parcels containing beautiful shoes. He would send Blahniks and Jimmy Choo's to try to win my love back and I would laugh, flip my hair, turn and walk away in style!


OH! And then I would need to build a few shelves in my closet to hold all my new shoes! is that a shoegasm or what?

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I have to say these are a lot of fun.


I feel most disgusting when I fantasize that Reese Witherspoon and I hit it off at a party (she is single and a dumpee) and we run into my ex on a date....... SOOOO childish and petit, but it makes me smile.


As long as it isnt hurtful to you or anyone else... I say whatever it takes to put a smile on your face is a good thing.

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My imagination always works overtime... Humm what are some good ones...



+ He finally finds another girlfriend but she treats him like dirt. He finally realises what he did to me, and how much I actually cared about him.


+ He ends up working for me as a peon... and I treat him with total professional indifference like we'd never met.


+ I become a famous writer, actress, or model and he has to look at my work on tv and in advertisements all the time. ...or the story I happened to write has a certain character that seems a lot like him...


+ He becomes a disheveled college bum who ends up working in a dead end job all alone... (he gave me an excuse upon leaving me that he wanted to focus on school and work -- apparently that's not going so well) Girls don't want him because he's more insensitive than ever and his heygene is questionable.

That's actually a really sad thought, because I hope he really does end up with his dreams of success -- but when I feel anger towards him that one makes me feel better.


+ He contacts me and I give him hell. (wouldn't do that for real...)


+ That sometime in the future we meet again at some social gathering of all our old friends, and I'm either extrememly attractive and single, or am already married and have my husband and son with me at the party. While he sits at the bar and is all single and lonely... boo hoo...


+ He gets our best mutual friend to let him into my apartment and fill it with roses. There is one white rose somewhere in the apartment with a note attached... yadda yadda... mushy stuff... I give him another chance, but he's learned his lesson and everything is okay! Yay!



There's even some sillier ones than that...

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