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Weird Situation

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Anyhow I was at this party getting pretty drunk but I remember all of the party. Anyhow this girl whose about 6 3' seriously and very mascalin like that female dodgeball player off Dodgeball. Usually Id be more tactful in putting this but basically thats what she is and me while not being brad pitt ect ect.

Anyhow her friend who was hot said hey my friend likes you and I said cool then I seen her friend. My god I was disappointed I babbled abit then I moved away later on when I was about to go in the bathroom she was there somehow by the door when I went in she went in and she kissed me and I was pretty grossed out I did something pretty immature and ran away and then tried my best to avoid her the rest of the night.

Now she's telling her friends that she had sex with me. This rumour got to my friend at some point and on MSN he wrote "you sic f*ck" I talked to him for a while explained that I didnt do It. He said hed been in a similar situation in which he acctually did do it but in his words with someone much prettier.

I cant be doing with the hassle of everyone asking me and going round and any confrontation becasue obviously in this situation im going to bring up her looks. Anyhow reading back this it would probably make a good scene in one of those american pie movies.

Anyone know what I can do to maintain adleast some of my dignity?

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wow, I actualy experienced the same thing! except this girl had a beard(not to sound like a jerk or anything when i say it but she actualy was a girl) well I actualy did the same thing you did and ran away, the only difference is this girl didnt go around telling people i slept with her she just called me all the time and wouldn't leave me alone, I finally just told her I wasn't interested and to please leave me alone I really didin't know what else to do...

Honestly for your sitchuation all I can say though is just tell everyone you did not sleep with her and if you have to see her again try to give subtle sighns your not interested

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