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Ex Leaving Hidden Messages?

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I sometimes post messages on an internet forum, one in fact that my ex used to go to as well.


We have been broken up over 2 1/2 years now and I am over her and healed. However, I have noticed in recent months a couple of messages would appear here and there on the forum, not to me personally but in response to messages left by others. In these messages are phrases that only we used to use and also little snippets of poetry we used to share in emails to one another. It is too much of a co-incidence to be anyone else (at least in my eyes) and I am certain it is my ex who is leaving these messages.


We haven't spoken in several years and our last email exchange was nearly 16 months ago. It was me who went NC after the break and as I say, I haven't broken in it all this time.


My question is this. On the basis that this may well be my ex what are they up to and why? Friends have suggested that this may well be a case of indirectly testing the water to see if a channel of communication can be opened up between us. So far I have not responded.


Anyone out there have any thoughts?

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Hey Badboy - I would have to agree with your friends. Sounds like she's trying to get to you by evoking a response. Rather passive aggressive that one. Instead of just saying, "Hey BadBoy - Is that you? How are you?" Ya know, engaging you directly, she's being passive and subtle about it.


If it is indeed her that is.


If you have no intention of obliging her, don't even worry about it. Just ignore it.

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