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I just found my ex's new girlfriend's MySpace page. I was seriously not looking for it. I was looking for people I went to high school with and found it. I thought she lived in MD and I was searching for people in VA. But right there staring at me is a picture of the two of them. She's perfect for him too, she doesn't want any kids and I have two. He always said he was alright with the ones I had, but I don't think he was. This is so hard! I know I can't say anything to her, but I really want too!

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What in the world would you want to say to her if you could? It sounds like you did yourself a favor by having this guy as you ex since he doesn't want kids and you have TWO! Stop feeling hurt because you don't really want to be with someone that doesn't want the same thing as you, and not wanting kids should be a deal breaker since your already have two!

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I know it would be insane to say something to her and I wouldn't. But the picture on the page was one just like one that we had together. He was seeing her while still engaged to me and I'd just like to be able to warn her. She wouldn't listen, but I'd like too. I KNOW that I am better off without him, but it still hurts so much. I still miss way too much of the good stuff. I think I'm just so hurt over the lies. He could have gotten out of our relationship so much earlier into it before I was as in love with him and I think it was just a game to him. Three years of my life and my children's lives and it just was a game to him!

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Here's some comfort: A relationship that starts on a lie (your ex and his new g/f) will end on a lie. thereforeeee, you need not warn her because it will eventually come to an end.


If it was a game to him or not, who cares. Just think, now his new g/f has to put up with his games instead of you! Lucky her! This should make you feel so much better. Go ahead, smile!

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