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Were in highschool, this girl came back after living half way around the world for many years and i met her at school. She had a longterm boyfriend there and they couldnt bring themselves to end it even though they can never be together because he isnt from here. He can somehow come here over the summer though and see her. But then he's not coming back. But he promised to come here after finishing highschool, also highly unlikely.


I was friends with this girl. And it turned into more and we were...dating...but she felt guilty sometimes. We got really close and she almost broke it off with him. Then one day she emailed me and told me we had to just be friends and she didnt kno why she just couldnt break up with him. She's told me she doesnt know what she'll do after the summer and that she knows he'll never live here. And it hurts me because im around her everyday, and i have a feeling this guy wont be able to come here over the summer and we both know things arent going to work out for them but she puts him first still. She says she still has feelings for me. We've spent time together since we "broke up" and been really close but not in the same way which really hurts me cuz i had to hold back, im not the type of guy that will just force her, though i know she'd give in.


She was caressing me and we almost kissed, but I couldnt do it. We spent a whole night together staying up through it all on new years and we talked and hugged and held eachother and it was great to be with her but i hurts because im always second to someone i havent even met. She's just setting us both up to be hurt because im not going to wait for her to have her fun with him over the summer then come back to me. Schools starting again and i see her everyday again. Im in love with her and it really hurts that she's doing this to me. I originally told her i needed space to get over her and didnt want to see her outside school but she said that would really hurt her so i couldnt do it. I suppose if i wait long enough she will end it with him and because ill be around her and she knows i can be there for her. It just hurts and i need advice on how to cope and what to do because being around her is difficult (because were "just friends") and being away from her hurts.

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Dump her sorry butt, if she can't make up her mind on who her nr.1 is in her life, then you aren't going to wait for her. Imagine you waiting for 3 years, and she still goes with another guy, how would that make you feel? She's totally inconsiderate of that fact, and you are just another fish on her line.Your nothing more then an emotional tampon so to speak for if things go wrong you'l be a nice rebound guy who she knows will listen to her feelings. If she doesn't break up this instant , show spine and say goodbye. Could care less if she went another 3 times around the globe, the way she is holding you on a leash is unnacceptable by any means.

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