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the meaning of drunken new years' phonecalls.

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so New Years Eve, i called my good guy friend from college, whom im also very interested in, just to say happy new years and whatever. well i got him on the phone we were both really drunk, and talked for like 40 minutes. i don't remember a lot of it though, but i know we both talked about missing eachother for a lot of it. and i think at one point i said "me and you" and he said "i know, we'll talk about it sober". he said okay i will call you tomorrow if not the next day. so he didn't call the tomorrow, so the next day i left him a short facebook message like, "you're a cute drunk and now you owe me a phone call". and he answered me back like yeah i know, i will call, it was great talkin to you. EXCEPT HE STILL HASN'T CALLED.


what is the meaning of all of this!?!? he knows im interested in him, and we never run out of things to talk/laugh about. so why isn't he calling me, especially when he says he will???

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