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At this point in time I am feeling rather stressed. Now this piece of music is called "For the Love of God", it was composed by the guitarist, composer and all round genius, Steve Vai.




An interesting this about this music is that it is said that before recording it, Vai fasted and meditated for 10 days and 10 nights. If anyone else has any other music for the soul post. Music is extremely good for the mind, that's why I put it in the health thread. Peace.

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Oh yeah, he rocks! Sometimes very souly, sometimes very sexy...it is just good.


I've mentioned it before, but when stressed I often turn to classical music. Chopin in particular. Something about the order of his music. Chaos can't live where Chopin is playing.


Have you ever listened to dead can dance? It is another stand-by of mine. Good food.


looking forward to more replies.

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