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The Complete Man

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Hi all,

I adopted this wisdom from a person that I admire greatly (kudos to those who know), and for the most part it is how I live my life. This is a set of ideals. It may sound contrived when explained like this, but the only people who cannot change themselves for the better are those who do not believe they can. Furthermore, very few people really realize what they want in life, I identified with this. Does it sound a little self helpish? Yup, and when it is internalized that's just what it does. It is known as the Las Vegas system. Here is why:

(Not ordered by importance)

L for Looks- well groomed / stand out / be well dressed all the time / belong to a tribe that I identify with

A for adaptability - Humor / intelligence / the kind of person that can start a conversation entertain and get along with everyone you know / not be afraid to express my extremes sometimes I am a badboy but sweet when it counts / spontanaiety / risk taking / be able to handle new situations / flexible to new things / travel and adapt to many environments

S for Strength - Ability to protect those I love/ safety/ take care of things / decisive / be not needy can take care of self but not afraid of having a life with others / live in my own reality / moral strength and values / become self correcting / non-manipulative

V for Value- Stand out / I am the prize / I am interesting / social proof / I am centered and grounded / I enjoy culture and an active lifestyle / I am a leader of men / I have high standards

E is for Emotional Connection - I produce chemistry with and emotionally excite the people in my life / I have things in common with others / once again I accept the contrasting sides of myself and others

A for authenticity - I am congruent with my actions who I am on the outside is who I am on the inside / accept your own imperfections / always forgive myself and be self correcting

S for Self Worth - High status behavior is congruent with high confidence / confidence is gained by success / success is gained by failing, learning, taking chances, and putting yourself in highly self aware situations where you are very "present" / take up space in the world/ every day I feel like I have bench pressed the world / being able to admit when I am wrong and learning from other people

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Now that you mention it, I assumed fun was so well embedded into it that it was ok to omit an overt mentioning. As in the culture/ active lifestyle or spontanaeity I was thinking of things like local events in the city and spontaneously doing all the things I love Im not going to list them. A better explanation I think would be that one should be unafraid to make life what you enjoy doing, dont take a job or a lifestyle that you dont enjoy, if you do what you are passionate about money will follow. Things shouldnt be broken up into work and hobbies, but just things you do, and if you are responsible you get what you need.

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Then it seems a very good aproch to life as a man, for me it was aways truth, strength and honor, what seems to be missing is respect for others who try to do good in this world, personal growth is good but it must be done with in a culture of interrespect with others, the responsible that gos hand in hand with rights.


"Honor your self for trying to make the world a better place and other who try and do the same."


It is our actions that make the comuniters we live in, and as such we must seek to stand for what is the best in man.

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2 questions.

1 silly one:

for me it was always truth, strength and honor,

Was always? Did you get a sex change lol? Just kidding, my friends mom always used to bust on me for grammar like this.


1 not silly one:

what seems to be missing is respect for others who try to do good in this world


Are you saying that you don't think that respect for those who deserve it is expressed in my post?

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Well you know I'm gonna agree with everything you've posted right here. Sounds like Maniac's statement of affirmations, but "congruent" leads me to believe that Tyler Durden's advice has been used as well.


These are great fundamentals to learn in order to be a highly successful person not just in the dating world, but also in other areas such as work, family, friends, hobbies.

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"Are you saying that you don't think that respect for those who deserve it is expressed in my post?"




I mean what I say and say what I mean, is there respect for those who deserve it expressed in your post?


Seems to read that its all about the self, if im wrong in this please point me to where is says other wise?

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Thats right Heloladies, I got this off of Style, although he could have got it from someone else. Notice that I never said anything about the dating world. I agree that this is definitely advice for life in general. To Spugly I will direct your attention ironically to the self worth portion of LAS VEGAS. In this is stated that having high self worth/confidence/e.t.c. is also about admitting when you are wrong and being open to learning from other people. This means that you do not just listen to yourself, and tell other people how things should be, but you use your judgement and listen to them when you know they have good ideas or when they are right. In other words the more secure you are with who you are and confident, you can show it by encouraging and enjoying the good qualities, skills, and ideas of others. This is an embodyment of respect for others.

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You guys seem really negative. People who dont care to better themselves are people who dont believe in having goals or ideals whether it be through science, spirituality, or experience. I don't see anything scientific about my post, but it is always entertaining to hear beatnik phrases like this:


Paralysis By Analysis? Human life isn't a science, surely?


However irrelevant that may be to anything in this thread. Analyzation paralyzes you? Thats exactly the type of thinking that paralyzes you. In my opinion its people who go to extremes like you 2 do whom are paralyzed. You are trying to encourage people not to stop and ask themselves if they are being the person they really feel they are on the inside. Anti, it sounds like you are stuck in self depricating mode, because you dont believe you can be anything else. Some things just click for people, but it sounds like you just want to listen to that little voice inside your head that holds you back and keeps you down. This isnt a "scientific system", it is a bunch of words I saw and identified with through feelings and analyzation, when you are thinking about yourself you cannot separate the two. If you can't look past the way it is expressed in my post then you are close-minded. As for the whole there is no hope in science... well your just another overeactionary to some failed attempt at an extreme I am sure. Sort of like with religion when something * * * *ty happens in your life and all of a sudden you think God hates you. If Im not mistaken Im pretty sure science makes up a rather huge part of everyone's lives whether they like it or not... but anyway. Just keep on jumping from extreme to extreme and see where that gets you. Cheers

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wow there Fisch I thin there has been some missundartanding here


Im not getting on you case here, in fact I think your posts just fine, why? well cus I live my life buy most of what you posted thats why.

Life is to be lived, and its all about larning, but the word "Better" as in a Better Person is really hard to qutify with out hind site.

remember the 80s and the "greed is good" mantra i know loads of guys and girls who lived by that rule, Take take take and to hell with the earth and all who sails in on her. How we looking globel heating in the eyes and there screaming foul!.


Your "Los Vagus" is! a very good way to make you life and better place to be in, all I was trying to say was that it needed tweaking with "Be there for others and make as many lives better as you can not just your own.


But you "HAVE" to start with you own life 1st, you "HAVE" to work out whats right for you to make you a good human being and as such your post is grate.


I really sorry it came accross as being down on your post that was not my intent at all.


if it came accross as being other than that you have every right to call me up on that.


As for Anti you get her an a bad day and she can cut deeper than any knife, very sharp mind that girl, but on a good day she can out shine the sun.

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Well Anti is of course well known for her melodramatacism, but I would never describe criticism of someone as "obvious" as she as cutting (nor sharp)... she is much too nonsensical (and typical 18 year old) in my opinion for that. Im not saying you are dumb in any way anti, just completely typical and shortsighted by errrrr youth. Hell I know I used to be the same way (granted this attitude sticks with people for a variation of time)! The majority of my last post was dedicated to pointing this out (lol), but I stick to my statement. Spugly, I am still getting the impression that you are passively trying to "enlighten" me on how to live my life, and Ill give you some advice: people dont like that, it comes off as ignorant and condescending. Perhaps you should learn how to express these thoughts in the frame of your own opinion instead of taking on an arrogant tone, because while you apologized... you are still doing it ("you have to do this you have to do that").

Anyway, I just realized something! Anti is the perfect name for... anti because that is just what kind of person she seems to be. You throw something to her and she takes up the opposite (anti) view, to be unique, different, REAL. I feel that I have met many people like that, and I feel that they are less genuine (real) because they dont use their judgement, they simply magnetize to disagreement. REBEL REBEL!! woooo. A "rebel" in a category of rebels that is already crowded. I believe that is why every post I have ever seen her make is some baffling and nonsensical attempt at revolt. I mean jeezus, look at her picture she looks like she is about to cry! All this negativity is no fun though, so apology accepted thanks for the compliments and good luck to all.

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thats ok and yes I can be very popus, (I think is also a English thing) but to prove that your post was in my eyes very good see the last port of my post here




A namtra for life.


I would say this about Anit, she like me has a Illness that pulls you all over the place, its hard wirded into your brain and it can a real pain, there are lots of ENAer on this bord who have the same thing in there life and well you larn to live with it, Anti like you say is 18 and as such is larning to cope, me Im 41 and well have had more time, some time and have layers of defances that hold it in check most of the time, and lifes good now, was not aways so but now it is. I see that you joined in 2004 and your 20 so you joined when you where 18 same age as Anit so I think you have a better insigt into her mind set than mine, old fart that I am.


Thanks for your post and all the best in 2007



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I see that you joined in 2004 and your 20 so you joined when you where 18 same age as Anit so I think you have a better insigt into her mind set than mine

I agree, this type of attitude seems common for many people of or around our generation. In fact one of my best friends, of who she very much reminds me, literally said to me: "I find myself on the opposite sides of arguments not because I really disagree but just because I feel the need to disagree and have a different and critisizing opinion." Then again I am not assuming everyone is aware of why they actually do things. Thanks for your appreciation of my post though Spug. P.S. 41 doesnt qualify one as an old fart



The G stands for GOALS. Remember your dreams and have a clear path, express ambition towards your dreams, identify how you want to get there, do what you love.

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I only see logical fallacies in V and S. Having high standards doesn't mean you can ever actually find a girl that meets the prerequisites. Telling yourself you are interesting doesn't mean that you actually are.


You say people like Anti and myself who project a negative attitude possess a warped sense of reality. This thinking is equally as extreme as a negative perception. The truth lies somewhere in between.

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Having high standards doesnt mean that you have prerequisites, its not a list homeslice... its a feeling. Telling yourself your interesting indeed does not make you interesting, but it does make you feel good. After all you can listen or show credence to someone else's opinion about whether you are interesting but some people are interesting and they think they are not while others are not interesting and they think they are... so go figure. HAHA anyway you completely misinterpereted it anyway, obviousy (or so I thought) make an attempt at BEING interesting (ask me by whos standards and my previous thoughts are relevant again ). As for a warped sense of reality. It really has nothing to do with a "warped sense of reality", pessimism (as I once again thought would be obvious in this context) is an attitude TOWARDS reality. Two people can accept the same reality but one could be pessimistic about it and the other not (ex a glass half full or half empty has the same amount of water in it). Anyway, how does a negative or positive attitude have anything to do with truth ( yes we could get into a semantic argument)? Are you trying to get into a semantical argument lol? Either way how can one say not agreeing with one extreme is extreme? I was under the impression that the middle path was to reject extremes... In conclusion, Im not sure I understand exactly what you are trying to say here, a person magnetizes to argumentative viewpoints because s/he likes to argue not because they believe the argument is valid. So I am not making any commentary on senses of reality here...

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