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Hey Everyone!


I'm completely lost when it comes to this one guy that I can't even say I've been seeing because I don't even know if thats what it should be called.


Our friendship is quite a long story so to summarize..

I met him through a friend and we hit it off from the start a couple years back. To cut a long story short, at the end of last summer we had sex and then both left for colleges in different states. We had decided before hand that it would be purely physical with no strings attached and thats what it was for the most part. While at school over the last few months we got into a few drunken spats and I was pretty sure he would never speak to me again.


Then this past week, after having not spoken for about four months, he contacts me and tells me that he wants to hang out. So of course I wanted to see him. Well I figured that it would be just another one of our hang out/sex sessions. I think I was very wrong. We did have sex but there was much more that went on that I do not understand.


He first told me that when he planned to hang out with me that he had no intention of doing anything sexual, but that the second he saw me he realized that he couldn't keep himself off of me. We also held hands and played with each others fingers. This is something that would have never occurred before.


We also just layed there and gazed into each others eyes and he told me that I do something to him and he doesn't know what it is. Lastly, he kissed me on the forehead many times. I never seemed to think of a kiss on the forehead as merely a sexual act. None of this has ever happened before between us it was always just physical.


However, the straw that broke the camel's back, was that he started telling me that he's been sleeping with this one girl who happens to be his ex-girlfriend. And then, as he was leaving he gave me a hug and told me that if he didn't see me before we both left for school to "be good kid".


I don't know how to react to this. I can't tell if he was pulling all those moves and saying all those things just to get me to sleep with him again. But, the thing that confuses me the most is that, he already knew we were going to have sex anyways, so he didn't need to do and say all of those things.


I don't know but I could really use any opinions on this. Anything. Whether it be, what you think he's doing or what I should do next.



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If hes talking about sleeping with other girls, he seems to have no strong interest in you... he knows that by doing all the things he did you will be thinking about him later, and has established you as a consistent hook up... someone he can call whenever he wants, pretends to have feelings for you, and move on....

If you want someone to fool around with, go ahead, but from what you have described I wouldn't count on this forming into any real relationship.


There are some Guys/Girls that want admirers.. for whatever reason they find satisfaction in the amount of people that like them..... this is just another way to get an "admirer" for them.

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