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How is your diet like and what is your health conditions?

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I'm starting to freak out at my impuslive love for eating yogurt and chocolate covered pretzels, Timbits, graham cookie walfers, a whole bag of potatoe chips, and feel that I'm setting up for something very nasty.


I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to test for any potential diebities problem on the blood sugar department because right now I'm starting to freak out at myself.


I think because I'm under stress or something of some form, I tend to 'relieve' this stress by eating sweets. I've banned porn - so what's the next addictive tendency, to run to the store and buy yogurt covered pretzels, and to now eat sweets to 'relieve the stress'. I honestly dont understand myself and hope other people aren't eating sweets to relieve stress.


Does anybody have any stories about this they'd like to share?

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Hear Spirolina is good for decreasing the craving for sweets.


Have to deal with craving for sweets 'head-on' and find out the root cause of this craving and invest on something to stop it.


I'm wary of the 'Tomb-stone' mentality (i.e. get diebities first, then cut down on sweets) and want to prevent something from happening, not feel I temporarily got away from something with a positive test or have a real gun pointed to my head to change dietary habits.


Any other products that reduce craving for sweets, please let me know.

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hey, everything in moderation is the key... nothing wrong with a few chocolate covered pretzels, yum, they are good, let's not deny it...


but really, what hunger are you feeding?? try to get the nutrients you need from mostly good things, then have a few goodies on the side... one needs to understand that feeding oneself is different than feeding an addiction, or love, or some other substitute...


so fill up first on what is good for the body, then save a few treats on the side... a few calories in chocolate won't hurt you, and deprivation might cause you to binge.

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Try meat. Seriously. It will make you feel good, is good, and fills you up.


Thats only a meal, yes, but it's a start.


Drink Milk or next fave drink to pop or stuff like that.


I personally HATE fast food, but I don't eat the best either. I run a couple nights a week, workout 2-3 nights a week to help filter the bad elements of my food.


I snack on cheese, cookies, and cereal. Nothing wrong with those IMO.

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When I started college, I decided to kick my habit of munching on things when I'm stressed...So I always kept a bottle of water around me. Drinking the water actually calmed me down, made me feel better, and lessened my hunger -- simply perfect! If I wanted something with more substance, I went for popcorn without butter -- not many calories there, but that stuff fills you up.


Of course, I still indulge myself with sweets every once in a while...but since I started doing the water and popcorn thing, I dropped a couple of pant sizes without even exercising!

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I think fibers are the best to keep you away from the sweets. They are healthy for your digestion, give the same energy as sweets but 'slower' because your body needs to work harder to digest them (better for your sugar levels), and they absorb water-- so if you eat a lot of fiber, drink plenty of water as well.


Try fruit instead of sweets. Banana's are great, as are slices of pineapple, kiwi's and oranges. Eat them with yoghurt if you are craving in between meals.



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Thanks for the 'fiber' input and other input on here.


I have put a shot-gun strategy, where I'll send a letter to my ex-female friend if I eat another sugar substance between January 3rd to January 31st, this year. I've even put a draft message warning shot about it. Call it my own personally constructed Room 101 from George Orwell's 1984 if I eat another sugar thing.


This is my milataristic 'by force' strategy, when coupled with the positive suggestions posited by the above posts, think would lead to a positive result.

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