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Don't laugh at me...ok, go ahead then.

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OK, OK....

I'm not proud.

Nor do I condone this behaviour.....but

I thought that if I can make any of you smile or put some perspective on your own situation then it's worth my own personal humiliation.

The saying, if life hands you a lemon, make lemonade.


Got a message from a friend via email.


"you were drunk

where did you go?

we were gone for 10 minutes

and you split

happy f****** new year

my favorite part was when you shouted out really loud

" ok it's 12 o'clock who's going to kiss me?"

to a table of girls.

then you kind of screamed and you weirded them out

it was a rib buster"


Me don't remember that nor the.....the....the phone calls I discovered I made on my cell to the ex. Phone calls, plural.


OK, so there you have it...don't drink and dial or scream at girls.


just don't get drunk during this grievous period....oops, sorry guys.

Happy New Year!

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I've been cringing at the thought.

I suppose I'm going to be doing some serious NC now.

I don't even want to know what I said on my cell....



mine wrote me happy new year then i called and told her something about having a happy new year and that I hoped she was all right and doing well, LOL ...


we talk as friend and she messaged me today asking how I was.. the other one, I knew which city she lived in so I found her name and city and got the mobile number and send her text saying "happy new year" haven't talked to this one for 2 years, so stupid of me...


Inc nc for you? nah wait and see mate

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lol, i was slightly drunk too.

called my ex, got the wrong phone number though. ... so i was more than slightly drunk.. ;\


now that is a blessing. imagine what you might have said to the ex!


Greg Berhendt, author of "He's just not that into you" tells a story of when he calls his ex gf's hotel room, sloppy drunk at 5 AM. He gets the consierge (sp) and he is so drunk that he has to repeat his exgf's name 3 times before the guy knew which room to connect him to. But before he did, the guy asked, 'Um, are you SURE you want me to put this call through?" Luckily, greg sobered up for a minute and said, 'no.' and hung up.

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