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I'm here, and he's god knows where! Can we date?


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Our friends got married this summer in Ireland and as a bridesmaid and groomsmen, we met for the first time. I had quit my awful job and needed a break- by the time Ireland rolled around I was finishing up a nearly 6 month vacation abroad and the wedding was my last stop before returning to the states. He on the otherhand was in a similar situation. He quit his job (as a structural engineer) right before the wedding to start his unknown adventure.


I adore him. He can entertain and make me laugh for hours. Not to mention he's one of the few who can understand this period in my life where I can justify being irresponsible and venture off into foreign lands, travel, and volunteer. As he said last night during out 2 hr conversation over the phone... "I love talking to you. You're the only one that doesn't think I'm a loser for not having a job."


We both lived in the same city and although our friends dated, we never met each other until the wedding. After I quit my job I moved back home- about 100-115 miles away. After the wedding in late July, he took off around Europe and came home right before thanksgiving. That's when I saw him last. If we were only 100 miles apart I don't think it would be a problem. But he's been in Boston (I'm in Southern CA) since Christmas and by the time he returns, I'll be temporarily shipped to Omaha for 8 months (After a year off, I got a job) and my new permanent home will be Northern CA when I return from the midwest. To top that off, he'll be Australia for month, possibly longer when he returns from Boston anyways.


I encourage his adventures and I'm so happy that he's taking this time off to travel. After all, I did the same thing. But I'm sad that with all this traveling, we'll loose touch. We barely know each other as it is so it would be easy to let it slip away. I'm not sure how to approach this situation. Should I tell him how I feel? Should I just let it play out?


Any and all inputs, stories, advice, and comments are appreciated.

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A story from me is that if you don't size the chance and let it pass by then you could probably experience things in your mind telling you of a loss, but still it doesn't sound as you have been so close that something bad would happen if you didn't do anything...


but I would quote a man who once said:


"Those who takes the chances in life are those who gets the longest"


I'm danish so my english isn't that good but u get the point.. tell him what you feel without it turning into a total outburst of lovely words... control it and be hesitant compared to his reply...

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