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*sigh* I was BEST friends with this girl, Lauren, since 5th grade. I fell in love with her at the beginning of 6th, but she was going out with my best friend, Tyler. She confessed that she liked me the entire time 1 week after she broke up with him. We went out in the summer between 6th and 7th grade and it was so great. I could tell i was in love. you can say whatever the hel* you want about that i was young and don't know what love is, because if that wasn't love, then i never want to fall in love, because i couldn't handle anything stronger than the way i feel about lauren. anyway, back to the story, we went out, and had a few problems after school started (typical, we are both natural flirts, so things happened) and we broke up. i couldn't stop crying for about a month. then after that i only cried about 5 times a week. that lasted a week or two. now, i dont' cry that often, but sumtimes, ya know. it's been over a year, cuz im in 8th now. i told her that i liked her again last week. She sed she didn't like me. I sed, that's cool, and life went on. i cried after she got off the phone. what should i do? I love her SO much. and now, she is trying to get me to set her up with my best friend again. it's SO hard, but im doing it, cuz i know it'll make her happy. I have no clue wat to do. please post back!!! and email me at kyled8888@AOL if you want, or better yet, IM me at kyled8888 if you have aol/aim. thanks.

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Young love can be hard. You just have to realize that she no longer wants to date you. The best thing you can do is try to make good grades and worry about high school. There will be many more girls to choose from and before you know it you will say Lauren Who? Try to move on I think she only wants to friends.

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