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What Makes A Person Look Sexy - POLL!

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What makes someone look sexy to you?

A man in uniform? A naughty school girl?




For me, I think a guy in motocross gear is hot. With those racing pants on, and the boots, no shirt, a little sweaty, helmet off, hair a little messy. OHHWEE! haha. Somethin about firemen gets me goin too. Guys working on roofs or other parts of houses in the summer, all hot and sweaty and shirtless.. that's hot too.




OK.. I think people are getting my question wrong.

I want to know what type of outer image you like.

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For me, sexy is much more a state of mind than anything else. A playful nature, a certian look, a sense of humor. All of those can be incredibly sexy. I have seen truly stunning women that did absolutely nothing for me sexually, because they took themselves too seriously. But an average woman with a great sense of humor, wow.

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I find women that are slim, well dressed but not too princess-y, confidant but not arrogant, and a bit nerdy or athletic to be sexy. Attitude is really appealing too: there's a girl in my kick boxing class that I find so damn hot I have to position myself so that I'm not staring (read: leering) at her through the whole class. And she's not the best looking woman there, but something about how she carries herself really works for me.

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I know it sounds corny as hell, but attitude is the biggest thing, confidence, intellect, all that.


I think "cookie cutter" woman are the least sexy of all. By this I mean the girls who all look the same, and can't dress themselves without first looking around to see how all the other mainstream sheep around them are dressing.


My girlfriend is a very unique looking woman. She has out of control hair, pale skin, she wears clothes that get her looked at funny a lot, and she has a good tatto collection going. But her eyes are absolutely gorgeous, and she carries herself in a way that has both men and women lusting after her. I still wonder sometimes how I managed to win her over.


But to answer the question more specifically, a naughty schoolgirl is always a good thing. She has a couple naughty schoolgirl skirts that she wears with ripped fishnets and big black boots. *Okay, I need to stop typing about this because I might have a problem soon if I don't...)

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Mmmmm. I have a thing with cops. Not the Chief Wiggum doughnut eater fat and sloppy kind of cop, duh, but the young hunky looking ones.


Handcuffs, sunglasses and motorcycles are hot, and if they´re acting all cocky and stuff... RAWR!!! (Woah! I got away with the word cocky!! Nice!! Cocky cocky cocky )


But, what makes someone look definitely sexy to me? And errmmh makes me drool myself?


Guys with this look:


image removed

(fancy suit and tie not required)

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