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Tonight I decided I will talk to Alex.. (see the previous post to know more about it)


I think we waited enough..

We talked a few times lately..


he asked me if i was still in love with him.. and i said yes, he said said he love me still..


Then we didnt catch each other online much..


But I don't know.. the hints are there i think.. his friend called him and he didnt pick up.. 2 secs after I sent him a text and he replied to me..


he talked to me in the game we play together.. many times.. and he do tons of things that tells me he wanna talk to me and have contacts with me..


I just have no idea what to say to him.. at all.. the emotions are there, but when it comes to expressing them.. that's another story..


I don't even know what to ask him first..


Pathetic isnt it?


I love him.. I know he still love me..


Now what do i do?

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I would consider first meeting him in person to talk, rather than texting him and emailing with him.


I think when you are with him, it will be easier to figure out what to say (or what not to say and your presense with each other may be enough).

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