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Well, this is going to suck

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I was in NC with my ex but was forced to get back in touch with him due to some harassing email drama coming from someone in his inner circle (that thread is posted somewhere if anyone wants details)


Anyway, this led to him wanting to chat about other matters how are things, how was Christmas, what are you doing New Year's..blah blah blah.


AND he casually tells me he is planning to come back to the company I work at, where we met, next summer between school terms, back to our same department. Terrific


I wanted to get back to NC and forget about him. Now I'm torn between what will be better, just not deal with him until I have to or keep talking to him via email now what we're back in contact? He runs so hot and cold, I don't hear for days and it's curt and rude (not like I asked him to email me)

but other days he is all chatty and friendly, talking like we didn't break up about all our family stuff and things we used to talk about, what his friends I know are up to. The only thing he hasn't brought up is his new GF who I know he is still seeing. is all this?


So just avoid him or tell him I don't want to talk to him until I have to when he comes back to work and let the chips fall where they may....or try to reestablish something so we can work OK together over the summer (and try to accomplish this without wrecking my own progress or building my hopes of reconciliation up?)



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If I were in that situation I would keep in touch with him but keep it very limited. The summer is still far away so a lot of time will have passed and it will probably be easier by then. If you stop talking to him completely, then he will know that you can't handle talking to him and this would make things really weird when you finally do end up having to work with him. That is a tough situation though..but just keep the lines of communication open so that it doesn't feel like there is any tension there. And keep it very limited!

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I think you basically answered your own question.


If he is unpredictable and talking to him just leaves you stressed about what his next reaction or mood will be like- it is probably best to return to NC and let it go.


No one needs that added drama after a breakup.

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