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My sister called me!!! (2nd attempt)

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My sister called me today! She is back in touch with her father who has really sorted himself out and is now very happily married to another woman.

My mother has apparently shacked up with another guy who wants her to move in wth him. She has given Lauren a choice 'either come with me or I'll put you in care.' Obviously this is a just a threat to get Lauren to do what she wants her to do but Lauren has said she will not move in with her and this new guy, as this man treats her badly and tries to order her around.

Lauren told her that my mother is 'messing with her head' and she can't take it anymore. She has decided to move in with her father as soon as she is sixteen and has done her final exams at school.

I can't tell you how happy I am! Lauren gave me her cell phone number & her email address so we can stay in touch. My mother as predicted had told lauren a lot of lies about me but I was able to explain everything to her and I think she understood.

I told her I loved her and would always be there for her no matter what. I now hope we can start rebuilding our relationship now. What I hope most of all is that she see's it through and is strong enough to get away from my mother.


Those who want to know the full story can visit the link:



Thanks to all who posted in support on the original thread.

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Expect your mom to be like a poisoness snake and bring more misery into the life of your sister,making her life like hell. I personally think you should protect her and contact her every day and talk her way thru this. That way she'll hopefully won't go down the drain and lose her sanity. Hopefully arrangement for her departure to her father can be made soon , and hopefully she can have a better life there. If things go wrong at both ends, could you support her?

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I have been in daily contact with Lauren since last Monday. She emailed me a few nights ago begging me to call her. When I did she was crying and kept saying 'Mam's going to kill me when she gets home.'


The reason for this was the fact that her father had told my mother that they had been in touch and she had been over to meet his new family when my other was awat with her new guy. Apparently my mother called her after she had spoken to her father and said in a very reasonable tone 'Have you been seeing your father? Its ok we'll talk about it when you get home.'


I knew exactly how she felt I used to be on the recieving end of those calls and they would literally make me physically sick with fear. I wouldn't be able to eat and would be running to the bathroom every five seconds. The thing with my mother is that she is basically evil but wants everyone else to think she's wonderful and the best mother anyone ever had. Has anyone here seen 'mommie dearest?' She does a mean Joan Crawford impression.

Anyway, I calmed Lauren down and told her how best to handle the situation.


Apparently my mother been treating Lauren to another of her favourite intimidation practices. This practice is used to humiliate the child and thus weaken any urge to disobey mother dear. She comes into your bedroom while you are with your friends (or while you are alone it doesn't matter) and proceeds to trash your otherwise tidy room by knocking all visible objects onto the floor furiously pulling books out of bookshelves, emptying drawers and then when the room is totally destroyed she stand there and says 'clean this disgusting mess up' like YOU are the one who did it! She also will not leave the room until you have gotten down on your knees to starting picking things up. She's sick.


Lauren is staying at her father's house tonight and they are going to work on a plan to get my mother to agree to let her move in with him. She has custody and as a minor my mothers permission is required if she is to move out. As for me, I would love to have her with me but I am a permanent resident in the states and she would only be able to stay for 90 days at a time. As I'm not a citizen she would not be able to emigrate.

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