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My girlfriend of 1.5 years wants a "break"

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Ok Im new to this forum but I really hope that smeone out here can help me out.

So me and my girlfriend started going out a year and a half ago, and I am totally in love with her. about 4 months ago, she wanted to go on a "break" because she felt she needed some time to be on her own. I tried respecting it but obviously, it only lasted a day and she wanted to be back. I know she loves me and we have a great time together, and she always has made the efforts to be with me. Well now we have gona on another break, because she feels that she wants to see what else is out there because she is so in love with me and is afraid to get into a marriage type relationship at the age of 18. I tried staying strong and not calling her, and she eventually called me, and we started talking. Things were awkward at first, but we kept on talking. She explained to me that she wants to be with me, and that she is in love with me, however she jsut kinda wants to be on her own for a little while be that a day, a week or a month, so that she can see what else is out there and how it is to be on her own. I asked her about if she was going to "hookup" with any guys, and what this left our relationship open with, and she answered, that i can go do what i want, but if i go crazy and start sleeping with girls or even kissing a bunch of girls, than we cant get back together, and she said that she had no guys in her eye and that she wasnt planning on touching any guys, but that if for any reason something happened, she would be totally honest with me and tell me. She assured me that she wouldnt want to do anything witha guy sexually because she is in love with me. In my eyes kissing a person is just as deep and emotional. I am so confused because i want to be with her and i know she would not like it if i touched another girl, yet she says that she wants to see what is out there. I saw her today for the first time in a few days and we kissed, and touched like we were together, however i used some self control and tried no to get to intimate with her at the time. i am not sure how to do this, and it is very hard for me to even understand this, however i am trying to respect what she wants, and give her, her space. Is this normal for someone to want to just have some space from a person they are supposedly in love with? i told her if she wants to break up, not to let me down softly, and jsut to do it, and she said that she wants to be with me , but wants a break, and that if i want i can go enjoy the break too, she said that the break is not only for her, but for both of us. Please help me out and give me some advice.




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dude my ex of 1.5 years broke up with me last month because she said she wanted to experience new "fun" in her life and i was getting boring and the relationship was getting the same ol boring stuff...we still talk and she is seeing this one guy which she said herself it's not gonna last and one day we might get back together...why do girls have to do this all the time? they can't make up their damn minds at this age i swear...i loved her to death and i wasn't bored with anything and i never even thought about getting with another girl! it's always the girls that want to have their "space" screw that...


i told her flat out that if you truly loved me you wouldn't leave me for another guy REGARDLESS if you are bored with me or not...obviously she doesn't love me enough like i did her...women are something else

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want my honest opinion? 2 long term relationships.. both ended up having "breaks".. they're never really breaks cause A) they don't last long and b) not both of you want it... Whoever wants it basically wants to get ass outside the relationship, as soon as they do they want the stability back.. that's ALL i can see a break as, that's all a break's ever been in my relationships, so..

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from experience........"i need a break" is a womens way of trying to say "i dont want to be with you anymore". i got that the same line from my ex after 3 years. in my opinion its a spineless act. if a girl ever tells you she needs a break. let her go. do not look back.

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My boyfriend is currently having a "break" from me after a year together, living in the same house and engaged. We were arguing a lot, he says he just wants to be alone for a while. He said he still loves me and wants to get back together. I dont understand this because he asked me to move out. I did, but we are still seeing each other like a couple. It's not only girls who need 'space'!

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In my eyes taking a break is simply a way of saying I want to break up with you but I cant say it. If any couple ever needs a "break", they are definitely not marrage material. However in this case it may be different. Perhaps your girlfriend simply wasn't ready to spend years and years of her life with one guy. just hold in there a little longer, she may yet come around, if you give her enough patience.

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