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Does Alchohol Really Make You Forget Things ??

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I have never been a drinker, so I don't know about what alcohol does to people because I have had no first hand experience. Last night, I went to a New Years party, and there were lots of drunk people doing silly things. Is it true they will forget the things they did last night ?? Or will they have some sort of partial memory of them ???

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from personal experience.. it completely depends on the person... the way it usually works is that you remember parts of the night... but are unable to form a comprehensive recollection of events.... atleast for most people it seems.

Some people get so drunk that they don't remember anything that happens... or they do something so embarrassing that they use the alcohol as an excuse... who knows?

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For me, after about 6 or 7 shots of liquor I start to forget what happened, and if I start getting into the double-digits for shots, I'll usually pass out and won't remember what happened at all. Like other posters said, this is not true for everyone, and some people can remember everything clearly right up until the point that they pass out.


I also agree with Maverick that people will use alcohol as an excuse to do anything crazy or stupid.

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I can remember a few things when I drink, depending on how much I drink. If it's a lot, I remember a few things here and there. One time, though, I remembered walking and I thought I knew where I went the next day but my friend showed me that we had been somewhere completely different than I thought. But it really depends on the person and how much they drink.

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Alcohol is an intoxicant. It always has a direct influence on cognition, but some people are affected by it differently than others. Regardless, it blurs your inhibitions when taken in large amounts. No doubt about it that it can influence your short-term memory.


This is why I drink herbal, green, black, and white tea on a regular basis. I want to live a long, healthy life, and be sharp mentally. The way I see it, we are all fools already... drinking alcohol opens up the door to be even more foolish.

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I've always remembered everything. Not crystal clear, like I can always remember conversations such as the next person, but I'd have to say those details are the only things I could ever forget while drunk.


Personally, I like to believe everyone remembers. And this can either be true, or it can be false, but I believe we all remember everything. I feel like this mostly because for one, people do remember everything and there's been a lot of conversations that pop up over the years that people say they do and everyone remembers so that influences my opinion of it since I do too. And then I hear the overwhelming amounts of stories of having forgotten from really trustworthy people... and plus it's cool to say you forget because it shows you were "that" drunk and what a great time it must have been! What a fun person that is-- you know? ehhhh. I really don't know but there's obviously details we're not paying attention to. That sort of thing.

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