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It was hard, but I did it!!

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4 months ago today I was dumped by my ex... it was pretty painful because it was via email.


I deleted all of his emails (but I forwarded the last few emails from him especially the breakup email and his sending himself emails of pics of me from my home computer (without my knowledge and I discovered them in my sent folder) while I was at work to use as evidence if ever need be to a friend of mine in WI).


I had to delete because I was constantly re-reading his emails and I felt like I was torturing myself. I was reading then deleting them last night and this morning .. i was crying..


but now once the emails are gone, i feel like my weight were lifted off my shoulders and I feel like I can start healing again! What do you think?


I know it is probably not normal to grieve for so long over a 2 week relationship... but it was just my first time experiencing a bad break up and being dumped via email, and experiencing a shallow person.


So here's to a new year 2007!!!!!

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