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It was short but amazing...

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You know how some people believe there is that perfect person somewhere in the world for you?


Well I found her 3 days ago, and on today of all days on msn, after my terrible new years eve in which i got ditched twice by good friends.... She dumped me!


I'll be over it in a few days but it's the simple fact that she was that perfect girl for me is what tears me up inside. She was so amazingly perfect, what I have always searched for.


She said she thought she'd give dating a try but she said she just didnt have the same feelings for me as I did for her. I respect that. But dammit...


I've never felt so terrible in my life. I've had long-time relationships crash and burn before but they dont even come close to how i feel now.


I'm just ranting btw, so dont feel you need to actually respond to this... And of course its the first of 2007, everyone is too hung over or still drunk for me to be able to talk to anyone... So here I am.


Happy new year everyone... I hope to god your year started off much better than mine.






I'm just adding in that I've had the worst year in 2006, it was full of depression and sadness and being alone. My friends have all began to leave and I really have nobody. When I met her, my whole personality changed, I was happy and wanting to go out and do things... and now i'm back in this hell i've always been in.... I dont know why that is for me, I just love to have somebody... I cant bear to be alone, it seems my friends dont even care for me.

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I am sorry to hear you are upset, but really, you don't know she was the perfect girl if you only knew her for 3 days! you may have developed a big crush on how she looked or seemed to be, but you did not have time to get to know her.


And if she was the perfect girl for you, she'd have felt the same way about you.


So look at it for what it was, as a little fling, not perfection!

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