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Made out with friend...

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Well, with me, a little while back I broke up with a guy and I was hanging out with his best friend, my best friend, and anoher friend.

All of them went home except my ex's best friend, and well, we ended up making out.

We never told anyone about it, and it never happened again, we just completely forgot it happened, and for me that worked.

I did have a little bit of a crush on him, but it went away after that.


That might work for you, I'm not sure, it worked for me.

But I would advise you to make sure it doens't lead to sex, because that may get akward and may even ruin the friendship in the end.

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It could mean nothing to both of you, just a little fun, but then she could think it means you might start dating... so before you go any farther with her, tell her you don't want a relationship so that she understands it isn't leading to anything... otherwise she might feel used if she was hoping for a relationship, and you just wanted to be friends with benefits.

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I made out with a female friend too once. Believe me, if I had though about it for 10 seconds longer I wouldn't have done it but I did. I didn't lead to anything more cause I didn't let it but I did learn a lesson. I don't make friends with women that I find attractive anymore.

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I made out with my friend.. and it's really not healthy.. he's a guy .. if only i could turn back the time. well for me, it was just for experience but it was the horrible thing that i've ever done.. yah we're still friends but he's some kind emotionally attached w/ me, w/c i don't really like. I know he is just physically attracted. So please think twice..

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