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Normal to freak out after opening up?

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Normal is relative. I mean, whats normal for me may be different for someone else.


If they are afraid of their feelings, it could make them pull back. I think your best tactic here would be to give them the space they need and wait to see what they do. They may respect your giving them that space and come back even harder. The more you push them for closeness that they are not ready for, the futher you could be pushing them away.

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It depends... that person could now be worried that you don't feel the same way back so is running away in fear. in which case you might want to call them to let them know how you feel too...


or if they were drinking or otherwise impaired and said something didn't really mean, then they are worried you will take it seriously and don't want you to...


or they said more than they meant to, and are really confused and don't know if telling you was the right thing to do, so are withdrawing while they think about what they want...


so depends on the circumstances... but either way i think it would be good for you to establish contact to talk to them to see what is really going on...


could also be as simple as the person got really busy or got sick, so the time since you talked really doesn't signify anything...

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