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My 1 week 'extreme' diet plan -- sound good?

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Hey guys,


Ok I gained a lot of weight over the holidays... and a bit accumulated before because of exams. I'd estimate within the last month I gained around 6-8 lbs. My weight fluctuates a lot though so I'd guess more around the 6 lbs. mark.


Anyway, I am a perfectionist and I was at my perfect weight before... (I'm 5'10" and was 132 lbs., now I'm around 138 lbs.) So this is a big deal for me, as stupid as it may sound.


That said...my plan is as follows.


From tomorrow (Jan. 1st) to Jan. 5th -- only eat a smoothie for breakfast, salad for lunch and salad for dinner with crackers. Tea & smoothies as snacks are ok.


Jan. 5th-7th -- fruit salad for breakfast, salad for lunch & salad for dinner.

tea only as snack.


next week -- gradually add in fruit. drink lots of tea.


Workout everyday for 1-1.5 hrs. I usually do this anyway, but i couldn't because I was home for xmas and didn't have access to my university gym. my routine is as follows:


10 mins -- warm-up/light run.

20-30 mins -- jog.

5 mins -- cooldown

20-30 mins. -- elliptical

~15 mins -- weights, pushups and crunches.

5-10 mins. -- cooldown


that's pretty much it. no dairy, fat, sugar, etc.


strict diet... want to lose 6-8 lbs. in 2 weeks. i will continue this until i am satisfied with my weight.



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You need protein. How about a egg white omlette or sliced hard boiled eggs on those salads
I agree and I'm no fan of protien rich foods. If you omit the protien from your diet your hair could start falling out, temporarily of course, and your skin will lack its luster, so you won't be very happy. Watch out for the smoothies they are packed full of calories. Yogurt, non fat milk, special K, and baked chicken or tuna are my favorite diet foods and I'm just about the same build as you (5'9" 130). Avoid foods that are processed or canned and drink lots of lemon water its very cleansing to the body. Also stay away from soda and juice if you can. You exercise regemin is solid. Good luck!
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You are only 22. Forget this short term stuff, and think even a few years down the road.


Check out the women who have been 'dieting' since they were young.

Then, check out the women who didn't bother with dieting but rather simply trudged it out for the long haul: patiently accepting that sometimes we gain a little weight (normal! ) and sometimes we indulge. Oh well. So you just go back to eating well and balanced, dropping the junk again, and maybe kicking up exercise a notch.


I have never dieted, and at 27 I am in my healthy body range. And I don't have to try! Friends around me are ballooning up now - and yes, I do think it is because they messed with their bodies with diets early.


Basically I am telling you that going on this diet is working towards exactly what you don't want: making it harder and harder for you to stay at a nice weight!


Healthy wishes in whatever you choose.

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Adopt a long term view.

A steady, sustainable eating plan with consistent excercise is far better for your body and metabolism. Maintain the level of activity, let yourself have some healthy protiens. Your BMI is already low and from the sound of your weight/height you probably look great.


Think about your health for the next 60 years, not your weight for the next 60 days.


"Do not read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly."

-Mary Schmich

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Easy come, easy go. Once you get back home and to the gym, you won't be in the same surroundings or eating the same foods as you did this holiday season. I suspect you'll slowly ease back into your ideal weight.


But I do caution you, if you do go to such an extreme with this diet, not only do you have the potential of gaining even more once you go off of it, you also slow your metabolism, and starve your body of life sustaining nutrients.

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Eat protein like said everyone...fish, chicken, turkey with your salads. Don't eat carbs with your evening meal, eat them at lunch.


Live by this rule "Dine like a king at breakfast, a prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner".....gives you a chance to burn the majority of calories you consume throughout the day rather than sitting turning to fat in your body while you sleep.


Throw in a handful of nuts/seeds each day too if you can.

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Hey Lily


From your previous posts it sounds like you have really had to fight your body for it to stay at 132. As in, you have had to eat very little, try very hard to keep the extra pound or two to add on, etc ... It really sounds like a more healthy weight for you might be at about 135-140. And I bet you look BEAUTIFUL at that weight too.


I also agree with what Itsallgrand said - dieting is NOT good for your body and just slows your metabolism, and teaches it to store fats and go into starvation mode when you start on a diet. I also think your perfectionism might put you more at risk for an eating disorder than others, so I would be careful about going on extreme diets.

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An extremely easy way to get all the protein you could possibly need, is get some Whey Protein. It's just a shake that you mix up in a blender and drink. Perfect for after your gym workouts, plus you'll probably gain some muscle definition after a couple of weeks.

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Hi guys,


Well I have to say since I've been so busy with schoolwork these last 2 days it was entirely unrealistic to think I could start this diet then. I started eating more healthy (i.e. no more chocolates, chips, etc.!) but I will reconsider this plan after tomorrow...


I think you're right -- I will eat tuna and some whole wheat bread as well, because I love sandwhiches... it would be hard to give up entirely. But limiting my intake of them will change...

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I accede and I'm no fan of protien affluent foods. If you omit the protien from your diet your hair could alpha falling out, briefly of course, and your derma will abridgement its luster, so you will not be actual happy. Watch out for the smoothies they are arranged abounding of calories. Yogurt, non fat milk, appropriate K, and broiled craven or adolescent are my admired diet foods and I'm just about the aforementioned physique as you 5'9 130. Avoid foods that are candy or canned and alcohol lots of auto baptize its actual cleansing to the body. Also break abroad from soda and abstract if you can. You exercise regemin is solid.

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you can't live on a fruit salad and a green salad and tea. change your habits for the long term, even if it means slower weight loss. it's weight loss... beware, most of rapid weight loss is water and muscle. What you want to do is loose fat. all you are gaonn do is get the numbers on the scale to drop fster but it's an ILLUSION. You do not want to loose water and muscle. PLUSD, you will slow your metabolism too much with such a low cal diet and once you start eating properly again, you will gain the weight back AND MORE. eat a healthy dit low in fat but you DO need some fat. healthy kinds of fat. Olive oil, fish, raw nuts (raw is important).

change your habits for the long term. exercise is very important.

take my word for it. crash diets are unhealthy and make you FAT.

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