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Hey guys.


Maybe you've seen another post of mine. But basically about 7 months ago I broke up with my girlfriend. I'm 17, it lasted 6 months. It was your normal breakup I guess. We were both hurt, from what I found out her worse than me. Basically I was in a similar situation a couple years ago.


The first time something like this happened, I used the pain and everything as motivation to lose weight. I'm not what you would call fat, barely noticeable, but I could shed some pounds. I lost 30 lbs because of it.


It was awesome, I went out and eventually ran into the next girl. While I was in this relationship I slowly gained a lot of it back >_


I'm a programmer, and I kind of found a way to hack into her email account and get her password. I've been losing weight again (at the 10lb mark)... I kind of lost motivation so I went into her email to read about the next guy she 's kind of involved with. I'm happily single when I'm not checking, and I know it's creepy doing this. But it's good motivation for me to get off my and lose more weight!! I don't know if I should keep doing it to lose the weight and find someone new... I just have been having a hard time finding someone new! Am I a stalker? Is something wrong with me???

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No. You are not a stalker.

Hacking into someone's email for motivation, is simply an excuse to get more control in a situation where you feel helpless. It is also bad news. I would stop now before you get sucked into a very nasty, dark place in your heart and mind. Deep down you are not wanting to be known as a sneak or stalker - so choose it before it takes over.


The way to motivate yourself is realize when things are getting boring and routine for you and change it. Whether it's dating, your diet, your current excersise or your environment. (Maybe you need to change the furniture around in your room). These things might seem weird and unecessary, but they do actual, biological things in your brain to keep you uplifted and focused.


Do not resort to things you would look down on if they were happening to you. If your ex or anyone else hacked into your email, would you be angry or touched? If you would be touched - then maybe that's why you're doing it. Perhaps you feel it means someone cares deeply enough.

If so, let go because it is only halfway true. It also means the person has a really low self esteem.

Choose your way out.

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