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Need help handling situation

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I am new to this and not sure what to expect but here goes!


A little background. I am divorced and 32. I have been dating and living with a woman for 2 years, she is 23.


She says she loves me and can see a long term relationship and doesn't want to loose me, but at the same time doesn't want to hate me because she wants to hang with her friends.


I have no problem with hanging with friends, except I don't know who they are and I know a few of them are guys. She wants to have her friends and keep this part of her life separated from "us".


She still sees and does things as "yours" and "mine"


She says she wouldn't have a problem if I hung out with friends even if they were girls, but I know how it makes me feel and don't want her to ever think I was doing her wrong.


We are from 2 different generations, but I am of the mind set that to be in an intimate relationship you can't play with fire like that or make your partner jealous like that.


She says I am stripping her of her youth and when we talk or have a disagreement she says I treat her like I was her dad instead of boyfriend.


I will admit I am protective. I am protective of her because I am totally in love with this women and have never felt this way about anyone, not even my ex. I have put myself out there emotionally and don't want her to hurt me.


She has gone out with friends before and I just about lost my mind. I can't do it and can't even thinkabout doing something to her that would drive her this crazy.


I have told her how it makes me feel, but she still wants to keep the "yours" and "mine" mentality.


I have tried to suggest we get friends together. She rolls her eyes and it makes her feel old.


Am I in a hopeless situation? Is there a way to give her the space she needs without driving me crazy?


Please advice.

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Is there any reason you believe she would do anything that would upset you while with her friends? Is there some reason you wouldn't trust her judgement? If you countinue this way she may become to resent you and feel like you are trying to control her. If that were to happen I believe you are on a very slippery slope.

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