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i initiated NC with my ex about 5 days ago, ive just got in from my brothers its now 3am we've celebrated new year i havent had anything to drink and im at home on my own now and i am actually really upset that i havent heard from her, at least a txt would be nice..........


i wish i didnt have to feel so lonely on new years day, i mean i had my family and friends but its no substitue for someone you love......


i want to call her tomorrow (today actually) in the afternoon to say happy new year....but is it wise? what should i do?


hope someone can help me before i go to bed lol....cheers

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ive posted before with all the details, but basically my ex broke up with me in august, we got back together again after i did a stint of NC for about 3 weeks at the beginning of december, she was all lovey with me and she said she missed me etc, then about 5 days ago she said she couldnt do it anymore because it felt false, and she hadnt got back those same feelings yet, so i basically thought "right thats it" and decided no contact...


i love her alot, we had been together for just over 2 years and ive known her alot longer, nearly 6 years.


i miss her alot thats all, and i wouldve just liked a txt saying happy new year and its kinda upset me that i havent and im now desperate to call her at some point,but i dont want to relapse on my NC.....yet

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Just feel the pain but let it pass and it will. Will contact really help the pain? No. You will just feel worse. You know you will. If she wanted to hear from you she would contact you. Have you ever had someone trying keep contact with you who you did not want to talk to? That is happening to me right now, I don't want to hear from him, part of me feels sorry for him and the other part just wants him to let go. Do you want to be that guy? I don't ever want to be that girl. And, I have been in the past. I need only to know how I feel about the guy that calls that I don't want to call. Knowing how he makes me feel it has cured me from ever contacting someone when the relationship is over. The pain is horrible but you will feel better down the line if you keep your self respect. I know, I know it does not ease the pain.

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Just stand firm. New Years can pass without you hearing from her and nothing bad will happen. It's just a day. Just one day. I haven't spoken with my ex in over a month. I went to the beach today and on the way back really broke down missing her. But I just waited out those feelings and now I feel ok again.

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