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I'm currently trying to figure my life out and where I'm going to be after I graduate college. I was wondering where everyone thinks is the best place to live? I'm looking for a gay friendly town that I don't have to hide inside all the time and where I can feel free to be myself. I know a city would be the best place but I'm not really a city girl, I might be able to live outside of a city, but I cant see myself actually living in a city. One of the main reasons being that I have a horse, dog and cat and plan on having a barn some place relatively rural. I just kind of wanted some ideas on what the best place might be for me to look into so any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated! Thanks!!

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Well...I moved from Texas to Cleveland, Ohio and I love it here. I know that you said you have a horse and you aren't much of a city girl, but there are several smaller cities around here. Cleveland is very gay-friendly. I actually live in Lakewood, Ohio, now. I still love it, though. I'm sure you could find somewhere around here to stable your horse. Or even by a ranch house with a few acres of land. It's just a thought.

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