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Hi guys,


Not posted on here for a few weeks. Been busy trying to get through the Christmas break. Actually I even managed to finally get some anger up about the ex. Had a very short email from her over Christmas break - no emotion nothing. Just wants to meet up to exchange stuff (property) I have offered to post it but she says she would prefer to do it in person. Not sure why. Maybe she wants to see me down.


Anyway, tonight I'm feeling like all my resolve is gone - is this just becasue it's New Year? Earlier on in the month I was feeling very very low - suicidal even. I haven't felt that for a couple of weeks. Tonight I just suddenly feel like 'What am I going to do without her'? Will I ever get over this and love again? Will I ever find someone to love me again?


I read all th posts on here and so many of you seem so strong - I think maybe I'm just not a strong enough person to come out of this?


Feeling very alone tonight and could do with some advice and words of comfort.


Thanks for reading,

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we all have our moments of weakness when all is dark and there seems to be no light anywhere. I've had my heart broken on 2 occasions prior to this one and both times I've asked the same questions, wondered if I was just going to be alone. Yes I've even wondered if suicide might be the answer to all the pain. It's a selfish and cowardish way out and hurts those we love more than we're hurting.

Trust me when I say that it gets better, you just have to keep moving. Surround yourself with friends, family, anything to keep you busy and not sitting alone wondering and asking more questions. You just have to get on with your life, there was a life before this relationship and there will be a life after.

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So true, what wishiknew says. These are true solutions and you just have to be willing to let people see you in pain or a sour mood. These are understandable states of being if you can be open and allow people in your environment to support you or sympathise. You are not being bothersome to others by doing so. Get moving while you have these bad feelings - the feelings will leave faster that way.

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I dont know why there is so much Hype about New years. Does the Universe really care? No, its just going to start taking another round of the Sun. Its all a cycle, what ends shall begin again. And thats exactly our lives too.


You may have ended it with her, but your love life will take a new course. Maybe not immediately (which is good so you have enough time to stabilize your emotions with this relationship) but it most definetly will happen.

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