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two girls, but there can only be one

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Hi, I'm 18 and am having some serious trouble. I love two girls so much, semi long distance, and love me back. I can't imagine hurting either of them, I'd rather die. There were various complications which resulted in this mess.


I just feel like throwing up and crawling in my bed.


Is there any way to make them both happy? Hell, even if its at my expense I'll be so happy.


I've been up all night so its hard to think straight.


I managed to ask one if she thinks there could be someone better for her out there, and she said no. The other one said she loves me with all her heart.


My biggest priority is having them both happy. I could really use some advice.


Thank you for your time...

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Well are you at the point where you are ready to make a committment to one or the other and be exclusive? Or are you supposed to already be exclusive with both of them (and then you have a mess)?


If you haven't gone exclusive with either one yet, well then you don't necessarily have to make a decision. But I'll warn you that you risk losing both of them by stringing them along.

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Avman is right-


How did you get into this situation?


You know that you are not going to be able to make either girl happy if you are being shared betwee two girls. Imagine how hurt you would be to share with another man.


So if you are unable to choose between then the kindest thing to do for both of them is to end it with both.


You aren't being true to either girl, or to yourself.

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