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boyfriend wierdness

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Different people have different tastes when it comes to showing affection.


Personally, I love licking and being licked (anywhere, body chocolate is genious) aswel as biting and being bitten and nipped.

It just adds a little extra spice to things.


If you're not into it, tell him.

If you don't feel comfortable doing it, tell him.


Communication is the MOST important part of a relationship.

Communication of feelings, desires, emotions, needs, etc.

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I don't know if I could do the licking thing either, if I wanted that I would date a dog! Tell him your feelings about this. Your feelings in the relationship are just as important. Often times people worry to much about their partners feelings and never express their own for fear of hurting them. What will hurt more is as more time passes and it comes out, that will really hurt, because then you will make him feel untrusted and unloved and unrespected.

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I agree with the others; tell him! Communication is key in a relationship! Always tell the person what you like, and don't like. Let them know they have the right to say so, also!


And by the way, keep your eye out for this guy. I've not met any person that just likes to talk dirty and lick a lot, unless you've known the person for years, and both don't mind it. But someone you've not known too long? Be careful!

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