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Attracted to a co-worker

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I need some advice. I work with this guy (I am 25 and he is 23). I will call him Jay. I am so attracted to him. I kinda sense that he is somewhat attracted to me, but can't be too sure.


I know he is married, but he never talks about his wife. The other day we were talking and he mentioned that he just moved. I also heard from another co-worker (Greg...) sometime ago that Greg and Jay went out and played some pool together... that Jay said he felt he was tied down to his wife. So I know that Jay and his wife are separated, just cause he mention he just moved.


But anyways, this last Monday he asked me what I was doing for the labour day weekend and I said "Nothing, just going to stay home and relax". I then asked Jay what he was doing and he said "Nothing".


Okay... today I was down on the production floor working where he does and was hoping he would ask me out... but nope! At the end of the day, I left like 10 minutes before he did cause we ran accross each other on the highway going home. We were next to each other and looked at each other, he raised his eyebrows and waved. I waved back and that was it, he took off real fast and then he was gone.


My heart beats real fast whenever I see him, so in other words... I WANT HIM BAD!


How do I get him to ask me out? Please advise ... thanks!

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Well i think you should think that he is still legaly married and that is something that needs to b respected even if he is separated at this moment he still doesnt have divorce papers.....I think you should , before going out with him if thats what you decide, to ask him how his relationship with his wife is going if he tells you bad ask him if he is thinking about divorce..for all you know he may have 3 kids and a wife and then you would come between then if he wasnt planning on getting divorced (dont wanna sound mean on my coment)Good luck



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Wow! Thanks for the quick reply. No, I didn't think you were being mean with your response. I appreciate the honest input.


I can respect the fact that he is still "Legally Married". But at the same time, I really feel that it wouldn't be a mistake to persue this guy. I've been told to go with what your heart tells you, and dang it, I shall never know if I don't. If he's not planning on getting a divorce, then why are they living in separate places? Why did he trade in his Pathfinder for a Mustang? I feel, if a man and woman are just going to be separated, then wouldn't one of them live with a friend in the meantime while they work out their differences and not have two rent payments?


And please everyone... feel free to tell me your HONEST opinion! I want to hear them all. Thanks again Micksbaby.

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Oh just thought I would let you all know that just as an FYI, I would never go after a married man if he was "With" his wife and try and break them up. I have known this guy for 3 years and he has never once talked about his wife. He's always raising his eyebrows at me when saying "Hi", so I know that he is somewhat attracted to me. I just kinda get the feeling that he doesn't date co-workers.


I have never dated a co-worker or a married man. I've always felt so against that! But with him, I would break my own rules. (But only because I know for sure he is not with his wife anymore). Maybe he's not getting a divorce just yet cause you know... I heard they're expensive as hell.

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