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me and my b/f have been together for about 8months now.. curently hes on military leave visiting for the holidays and staying at my place for the next 2 weeks.. so theres a few things that have been bothering me, were in a ldr and i find myself getting annoyed at the little things he does or doesnt do. im not sure if its because weve been together non-stop since hes been home for the past week and a half, but before we started dating we were really close for about a year and never really had this problem.. One thing that bothers me is that for christmas i bought him a 300$ psp and i didnt get anything from him.. The airport lost his bags and he sed he was going to make it up but i really think hes just gona blow it off.. i mean im not a greedy person but i was expecting atleast to get a card or sumthing little... i want to bring it up but im waiting for the rite time too, so i havent meantioned anything. theres just little things that have been irratating me that arent really a big deal, i just dont know how to shake this off.

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I'm not sure you should shake it off. I think you realize it needs to be addressed, just how to do it so you don't sound like you're complaining.

My suspicion is he has been away from home under a certain level of stress and also might not regard gifts as important.

Regardless, it is important you express your feelings about being showed more attention. Mostly because you should always ask directly for what you want, even though your man is supposed to know all these things about you. Asking directly for attention/christmas gift/letters at certain special times/ whatever it is, it shows you have faith that he will try to meet your needs.

Also try and have some patience, you are right about not being used to him and you are comfortable being alone - something rare in relationships.

I wouldn't worry and would choose to let go of any anxiety.

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