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Hey I checked your previous post and the letter she sent you replying to the card you sent her....


I've had experience of being dumped by e-mail so I know the hurt it causes.


I think you already know this but write as many letters as you like but just don't post them. Desist from contact.


20 months on it's the only thing that's kept me sane - knowing that eventually I regained my dignity and took the moral high ground.


I'd advise doing the same. Time really does make it better but it will TAKE time - sadly you cannot fast-track it. In the early days I thought I'd NEVER recover and for a long time I doubted I would. Now, I'm happier with myself and my life (I'm currently single) than I have been in a long long time but it took months of sadness to get here.


Keep strong.

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Hey it's not sad that you still want her - for you it was genuine and real. It would, however, be sad if you disrupted your progress by sending the letter or trying to get her back. And as for being her friend - would a "friend" treat you with so little respect and care?


In the early days it hurts like hell. But then eventually you realise that longer and longer times are elapsing before you think of them and then one day you realise that your thoughts are mostly on things OTHER than your ex. It's a wonderful place to get to so endure the bumpy turbulence along the way and keep going.

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I have a whack of letters written to my ex I will never send...I think it is good to get those feelings off your chest. Just do it on paper instead of email drafts because if you feel really low and fire it off without thinking it would just ruin how far you've come, even though it may feel like things haven't changed at all. Paper letters would require envelopes, looking up addreeses, finding a mailbox etc. and you can generally talk yourself out of sending it in the time it all takes.


I hear you SFR, I love and want my ex back even though I logically know I shouldn't. Time will help but it will take awhile.

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