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10 days no period, g/f said leave her alone, no phone, NOTHING!


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ok here i am posting again, man i need the new year to hit fast!


my ex/girlfriend who i was trying to work things out with has not had her period. she is ten days late as of right now. we have been broken up/trying to slowly work on things for the past week but tonight she told me not to call her, she will take care of this herself, whatever it is that she decides and she was better of single.


i have been so supportive of this girl. i broke up with her b/c i could not give anymore to her and was feeling totally drained by our relationship. what does she mean by her statements? i am not good at playing games, i'm the same guy everyday all day and these roller coaster statements really throw me for a loop. why would she push me away like this?

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why then would she push me away? desire NC and say she was better off single? i don't get that....


i have treated her SOOO WELL!!!


she said she would call me if she needs anything, not in a polite way but i a leave me the hell alone kinda tone. i'm not the type of guy who can do this and wonder what the hell the person i was with is going thru.....

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dont ditch her, and definitely dont leave her alone. maybe shes just close to getting her period, thats why shes having this real bad mood swings. is she on the pill or something? cuz pills disrupt our cycle, and hence the lates. so right now, shes not herself i can tell you that. if shes worried that shes pregnant, get her a test

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she is not on the pill, and i do understand what you are saying about stress. something inside of me says this is not the case. though


also, she does not get hormonal or have mod swings when her period is close or she is having it. she is pretty balanced. i have taken a few steps back. we used to talk on the phone at least an hour or two a day but have averaged twenty minutes a day for the past week. she has been very, very mean to me also.


the only thing that is killing me is i do try to be there for her, and would do anything fo rher aw sell, and she knows that. i try to get her to talk to me and that just pushes her away further. i don't want to go NC but for my sake it seems like i might have to. until she is ready to come to me. then i have to wonder if that will ever happen.

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She told you what she wants...she wants you to leave her alone.


When you're worried you're pregnant, it's the SCARIEST time ever. She needs to work things out for herself and the best thing you can do is LISTEN TO HER. No, it might not be what YOU want, but it's what she wants and you can't change that.


If I were you, I would just tell her that you respect her wishes and if she needs you, you'll be there...but you'll give her any and all space she needs.


Seriously, you can't get any clearer than "leave me alone," can you...?

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